Growing Idaho's GDP to $60 Billion

Inward Foreign Direct Investment

FDI plays an extraordinary and growing role in global business. It can provide a firm with new markets and marketing channels, less expensive production facilities, access to new technology, products, skills and financing.

For Idaho, FDI can provide a source of new technologies, capital, processes, products, organizational technologies and management skills, and as such can provide a strong impetus to economic development.

Expand Market Reach

Foreign Direct Investment recruitment will be successful in Idaho as we expand our reach into Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Traditional trade offices will not be opened but professional relationships will be established with firms who assist in matchmaking foreign investors with Idaho investment opportunities.

We will expand the global market reach of Idaho companies through our International Trade offices, trade missions, investment seminars and hosting of inward buying delegations. Learn more about exporting.


The mission of Project 60 can be accomplished by working together with a strategic focus and a commitment to embrace change in the ever changing economy.